Where do great ideas come from?

One blustery day in New York City, Clint Owens watched a flag whipping briskly in the wind. A passionate fisherman since his boyhood days in Florida, the flag mesmerized him and reminded him of a fish in motion. Inspiration hit and Clint had his aha moment. What if he could recreate the fluid and natural swimming action of a fish in a fishing lure?  If so, wouldn’t it be a game-changing experience for offshore anglers?  In that moment, the concept of Sea Lime Fishing Lures was born. Flash forward three years later to 2016:  After much testing and tweaking, Sea Limes Fishing Lures, the next generation of trolling lures, is ready to hit the market – and the open waters — from its headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

Sea Lime Lures Wins The 2017 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award. The National Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) honored Sea Lime Lures with an award for groundbreaking new consumer marine products.