About Our Lures

We’ve chased lobster around beautiful reefs, hauled in bags of bugs and landed monster-sized Snook in secluded waters. But to us, there is no bigger thrill than offshore fishing. The exhilaration when the squeal of a line breaks the silence of an early morning troll. The power and rush of holding on tight as your line burns out. Is it a trophy fish, a record breaker or, just bragging rights?

For anglers like us it’s all of the above, enriched by the memories we capture.

Sea Lime Fishing Lures’ mission is to mirror the perfect movement of a fish in artificial lures to ensure a unique and unsurpassed offshore fishing experience. Our love for blue water and passion for big fish compelled us to be forward thinkers and to continuously pursue new, game-changing innovations for the sports fishing industry.

Big fish aren’t always easy to catch. But we’re about to change all that.