Ridiculously real

Sea Lime Fishing Lures are different, vibrantly different from anything else on the market.

Most offshore fishing lures are made with rigid plastic or have paddle tails or spoon bills that give it some or little action. Others consist of a collection of plastic streamers attached to a metal or plastic head that, at best, produce a bubble stream. The lure’s motion is somewhat stiff and unrealistic.

Sea Lime’s patent-pending offshore lure designs are the first to incorporate channeled water technology, which allows the flow of water to be channeled through the lure, instead of around it. The result is a ridiculously lifelike undulation of a fish from head to tail, and the most realistic swimming action of a baitfish lure on the market today.

It’s a completely new type of lure that fish have never seen before, created to intrigue, attract, and draw them in.