Trolling for trophies

Sea Lime represents the next generation of trolling lures.

Our interchangeable tails are “quick-change artists” and allow for flexibility and ease of use. Anglers can change the color and pattern of their tails in a snap to feature the most effective bait for the fish being pursued. A unique advantage over traditional trolling lures, it’s a great convenience when chasing different trophy fish.

So what are they made of?  Our revolutionary lures are crafted with stainless steel, lead, plastic, and Mylar bodies, which are pliable, flexible, and reflective. Completely new to the fishing lure industry, Mylar is what gives our lures their true-to-life movement when combined with channeled water technology.

Together, with its lifelike swimming motion and interchangeable bodies and tails, Sea Lime is poised to captivate fishing aficionados and change the way anglers troll for trophies offshore.