Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are Sea Lime Fishing Lures different than other lures?

A: Our revolutionary lures are crafted with stainless steel, lead, plastic, and Metalized Mylar bodies, which are pliable, flexible, and reflective. Metalized Mylar is completely new to the industry and is what gives our lures their true-to-life movement when combined with channeled water technology.

Q: What is channeled water technology?

A: Channeled water technology allows the flow of water to be channeled through the lure instead of around it. Our patent-pending offshore lure designs are the first to incorporate channeled water technology.

Q: How does channeled water technology benefit the lures?

A: Channeled water technology gives our lures a ridiculously lifelike undulation of a fish from head to tail. It is the most realistic swimming action of a baitfish lure on the market today.

Q: Are the bodies and tails interchangeable?

A: Yes, both the bodies and tails are interchangeable. We call our tails “quick-change” artists, which make them extremely flexible to use. Anglers can change the color and pattern of their tails in a snap to feature the most effective bait for the fish being pursued.

Q: What composes a Sea Lime Lure?

A: All Sea Lime Lures come with a Head, three Metallized Mylar body designs and either 80lbs mono or 60lb steel-coated leader and a 1/o treble hook.

Q: Are bodes sold separately?

A: Yes. If you just want to replenish your favorite body profile or try a different profile, all Sea Lime Lure bodies are sold separately

Q: What kind of offshore Costal Lures does Sea Lime offer?

A: Our Coastal Series provides you with a flashy realistic live bait presentation when you’re heading offshore. They include:

Q: What is the Sea Lime Signature Series?

A: The Sea Lime Signature Series offers flashy color patterns and designs that create spectacular action. They include:

Q: What is the Squid Series?

A: Whether you’re using artificial or frozen squid, nothing compares to the vibrancy and action of the Sea Lime Squid Series with its three color profiles and large white eye. They include: