Live Bait Presentation Series

Live Bait Presentation Series. These lures are designed for slow live bait trolling speed or extreme kayaking. With our patent pending channeled water technology, once water passes through the head, action begins. Recommend trolling speed is 4-5MPH.

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Yellow Tail Ballyhoo: With its classic silver body and vibrant blue back, the Yellow Tail Ballyhoo is a must have.   This color presentation provides anglers with a lure that attracts a wide range of pelagic species.  “Can’t miss with this Yellow Tail.”

East Coast Pogie With its distinctive four-spot pattern and gold-colored back, the East Coast Pogie is a slow-troll staple.  Try fishing off the East Coast without Pogies — not a good idea.   “Kings love their Pogies.”

Goggle Eyed Fred This colorful beauty is suited for all kinds of fish.  Whether you’re creating a vibrant spread on the outriggers or dropping it down on the downrigger, the vibrancy and flash of Goggle Eye Fred will bring them in.   “So pretty you might not want to get it wet.”