The Sea Lime Signature Series

The Sea Lime Signature Series represents the flashy and creative side of Sea Lime. Never wanting the fish to become bored with their daily diet, Sea Lime offers flashy color patterns and designs that create spectacular action. These lures are designed for slow live bait trolling speed or extreme kayaking. With our patent-pending channeled water technology, once water passes through the head, action begins. Recommend trolling speed is 4-5MPH.

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Sea Lime Stripes This lime teaser is quintessential Florida.  With its bright chartreuse and cool lime colors and stripes, this lure is mesmerizing.  “You may choose to pull it beside the boat just to watch.


White Out: Though Sea Lime strives to produce one-of-a-kind color profiles and designs no one can deny the productivity of the classic red head and white body design. With its vibrant red head, shiny white body and yellow tail, there’s almost nothing that won’t kill this lure.


Pink Striped Runner Weather you’re trolling through the channel or creating a flash offshore, this bright pink beauty is hard to pass up.  When you want to make a change, let the allure of this lure work its magic.